Five-Year Growth Plan

Five-Year Growth Plan 2017-12-02T18:30:37+00:00

Bulamu has developed an ambitious five-year Growth Plan: by 2022, we will treat 267,600 patients at an average cost of about $5 each. When we add in U.S. administrative and fundraising costs, which we will need to fund this growth, the total cost will rise to $8 per patient. The program team in Uganda, led by Gerald Atwine, will be managing 24 medical camps and 4 walk-in clinics that all benefit from the low wage levels for medical professionals. Gerald plans to move to Uganda in 2019 so he can provide hands on program leadership and begin to build a strong local team to assist him. The result will be a healthcare delivery system. The result is a health care delivery model with exceptional cost-effectiveness, allowing us to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ugandans living in poverty.

Gulu Medical Camp, June, 2017: Attendees start the day listening to an orientation lecture on the day’s program, including the schedule of workshops on different public health topics that they can attend while waiting for their doctor exam or drug prescription.