Bulamu Healthcare International 2017 Annual Report

For the fiscal year ending July 31, 2017

FY 2017 Operating Highlights:

  • Bulamu operated three week-long medical camps in different regions of Uganda.
  • In a joint venture with Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, we opened a Bulamu walk-in cancer screening clinic in January 2017 that is now treating cancer patients.

All patients screened and triaged based on need.

Sixty-eight Surgeries performed at Gulu Camp.

750 free mosquito nets (from USAID) distributed.

Classes offered on public health subjects.

The Bulamu Vision

Bulamu’s Dedication: “Bulamu,” in the local Luganda language, means the health and well-being of the entire person.

Our Mission (Reason for Being): To improve the well-being of rural Ugandans.

Our Charter (Field of Operations): Providing affordable, accessible primary healthcare and other needed services to the families of rural Uganda.

Bulamu’s Basic Values

  1. A Human Right: Operate with the underlying belief that access to professional healthcare is a basic human right.
  2. Local Solutions: Build in-country organizational strength in Africa that can ultimately operate independently of foreign help.
  3. Operational Excellence: Find the lowest-cost model for providing needed services and deliver them with continuously improving operational excellence.
  4. Culture of Caring: Create an organizational culture that puts the patient first, is consistently caring, turns no one in need away, and attracts dedicated employees and volunteers committed to our mission.
  5. Information Driven: Use information technology to collect needed patient data, track outcomes, facilitate follow-up care and prove the efficacy of our activities.
  6. Evolve Toward Sustainability: Leverage our start-up medical camp model in moving toward economic sustainability that is independent of private donor contributions and works effectively with local government institutions.
  7. Spiritual Health: Provide faith-based counseling as a component in the process of acceptance, treatment, and recovery from disease.
  8. Do the Right Thing: Operate according to our Code of Ethics that stresses always doing the right thing, without compromise.

A baby sleeps through her exam.

Mother and children patiently wait their turn.

Bulamu Health Care International
Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Summary

Financial Highlights:

  • Donations increased 191% to $141,337, with expenses well controlled.
  • We ended year with $75,748 in funds available for medical camps and clinic operations.

Bulamu’s Eight Strategic Pillars for Accomplishing Our Mission

  1. Facilitator Role: Combine Western organizational skills, funding sources and medical technology with dedicated Ugandan healthcare professionals to provide a superior level of primary medical care at reasonable cost.
  2. Bulamu Identity: Build Bulamu’s identity and brand as a Ugandan organization that provides affordable, high quality medical services to the people of Uganda.
  3. Product Platform: Develop and refine the weeklong medical camp as our initial service delivery model, using paid, temporary Uganda professionals in combination with foreign volunteers to provide a superior level of care to 5000+ patients over 5 days at a cost of under $5 per patient.
  4. Partner Organizations: Partner with existing hospitals, clinics, NGOs, and other organizations with established infrastructure to build on the medical camp platform and Bulamu brand.
  5. Community Networking: Embed ourselves in the communities we serve and network with the local social, civil, and governmental institutions to develop a more comprehensive and enduring approach to the major health challenges.
  6. Organic Growth: Grow organically by steadily increasing the number of camps and regions served, increasing the frequency in each region while establishing joint venture relationships with regional government hospitals.
  7. Continuity of Care: Extend our range of services to provide continuity of care between camps with new mechanisms such as mobile clinics, outreach practitioners, smartphone follow-up, or affiliate organizations.
  8. Economic Sustainability: Evolve from dependence on individual donations to a diverse revenue model that adds in fee-for-service, larger family foundations, public foundations, government contracts, joint ventures, and partnerships with other organizations with similar missions.

Thousands of Ugandans attend every Bulamu medical camp, coming from
as far as 50 miles, because of the efficiency of service and quality of care.