November 8, 2017. Bulamu president program director Gerald Atwine announced today the schedule of weeklong medical camps planned for 2018. Bulamu will offer six camps, each two months apart, an increase from four camps in 2017. The camps are always scheduled from Monday-through-Friday, with the weekend before dedicated to staff orientation and equipment set-up and, and the Saturday afterward to staff de-briefing and take-down.

Here are the dates for 2018:

Camp 1: February 19-23

Camp 2: April 9-13

Camp 3: June 4-8

Camp 4: August 6-10

Camp 5: October 1-5

Camp 6: December 17-21

The February camp will be held in the Sheema District, where we held Camp 3 in February 2017, our first return visit to a previous location. Other sites are still to be determined.

In the addition to the medical camps, Bulamu also continues to operate the Bulamu Cancer Clinic on the campus of the Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, which is screening patients for cervical cancer six days a week.