March 5, 2017. In January 2017 Bulamu partnered with Mbarara Regional Reference Hospital to open a walk-in cancer clinic using a two-room facility on the hospital campus. The joint venture was arranged thanks to Dr. Joseph Bottino, an American oncologist and Peace Corps volunteer who was providing training at the Mbarara medical school and hospital. The Bulamu Cervical Cancer Clinic, named in Bulamu’s honor, operates six days a week with a professional staff of three doctors and four midwives providing free screening and treatment.

Bulamu donated $15,000 to remodel the space and purchase the necessary equipment, including a new computer, cryotherapy instruments and an upgraded LEEP system. The equipment allows abnormal tissue to be removed from the cervix as an outpatient procedure, greatly reducing the incidence of cancer. Cervical cancer is the number one cause of death among women in Uganda, a tragedy because this type of cancer is easily detected and treated with proper knowhow and equipment. Bulamu will also share in the monthly operating cost of the clinic.

The Bulamu Cancer Clinic will also be offering periodic one-day outreach clinics in the surrounding area. In its first two months, 1620 women were screened, and those requiring cryotherapy were scheduled to undergo treatment. Another 82 women were treated for other types of cancer.

Doctors Bottino and Mayanja are shown above at the new Mbarara clinic just before opening day. The staff of Mbarara medical professionals and Peace Corps volunteers joined forces to provide a one-day outreach clinic in Katete that screened 308 patients for cervical cancer and other issues.