Mbale Camp staff, Day 5. A total of 194 staff members provided the medical services for 7996 patients.

Bulamu Healthcare Code of Conduct

The Bulamu Healthcare Code of Conduct, or Code, is a summary of the ethical rules that must govern our actions at all times. The Code applies to all of our management team members, temporary staff members, medical professionals, associates, employees, consultants, volunteers, patients, and visitors. Everyone who is touched by Bulamu Healthcare has the ability to enhance our reputation for improving the well-being visitors or detract from that reputation if their behavior ignores our ethical principles. Please read this Code and let it guide you in making decisions as you interact with others as a representative of Bulamu Healthcare.

The foundation for this Code of Conduct is our statement of values upon which Bulamu has been established:

Bulamu’s Basic Values

  1. A Human Right: Operate with the underlying belief that access to professional healthcare is a basic human right.
  2. Local Solutions: Build in-country organizational strength in Africa that can ultimately operate independently of foreign help.
  3. Operational Excellence: Find the lowest-cost model for providing needed services and deliver them with continuously improving operational excellence.
  4. Culture of Caring: Create an organizational culture that puts the patient first, is consistently caring, turns no one in need away, and attracts dedicated associates and volunteers committed to our mission.
  5. Information Driven: Use information technology to collect needed patient data, track outcomes, facilitate follow-up care and prove the efficacy of our activities.
  6. Evolve Toward Sustainability: Leverage our start-up medical camp model in moving toward economic sustainability that is independent of private donor contributions and works effectively with local government institutions.
  7. Spiritual Health: Provide faith-based counseling as a component in the process of acceptance, treatment, and recovery from disease.
  8. Do the Right Thing: Operate according to our Code of Conduct that stresses always doing the right thing, without compromise

Going beyond these general principles, this Code specifically prohibits certain types of illegal, unethical or unacceptable behaviors that are explained more fully below.

Respect for and Adherence to the Law
Bulamu Healthcare will conduct its business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. We will operate fairly, ethically and legally in all of our activities. We are prepared to discipline or terminate our relationship with anyone whose conduct violates applicable laws, regulations, or the basic standards of honesty and integrity. We will always be accurate and truthful in any reports or claims submitted to the government. We will promptly investigate any report of misconduct, take appropriate corrective action, and voluntarily disclose illegal activities involving any Government entity to an appropriate public official.

Government Agencies
In dealing with the government agencies that oversee our activities, our associates must take an active role in staying up-to-date on all the regulations that apply to their activity. We will cooperate courteously during any inspections or investigations and provide requested information to which these agencies are entitled. Please notify the Medical Camp Director whenever an inspection, investigation, or request for information occurs.

Bribes and Kickbacks
A bribe or kickback is the giving or accepting of money, fees, commissions, credits, gifts, or favors for the purpose of obtaining favorable treatment in return. We never offer, give, ask for, or take any form of bribe or kickback. We want people to do business with us or use our services because of their value, not because they have received something extra under the table. When we work with government officials, we strictly comply with the government’s requirements, including their rules on gifts, meals, entertainment, and conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of Interest
All members of the Bulamu Team will base our business decisions on the needs and interests of Bulamu rather than our own personal interests. We should not participate in any activity that could conflict with our responsibilities to Bulamu or give the appearance of impropriety. We should not favor family members or friends in a way that is unfair to unrelated parties. Our associates should not do business with any partner or supplier with whom they have a financial interest. The use of Bulamu equipment, supplies, and facilities for personal use is not permitted.

Accepting Gifts
Bulamu representatives should never solicit or accept gifts that might appear to undermine objective in treating those with whom we do business, with the exception of small gifts or promotional items of nominal value. Whenever possible, a gift should be shared with the other members of your group, team, or department.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity
Bulamu is committed to equal opportunities for all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability. We provide a positive working environment in which everyone may grow, contribute, and participate free from discrimination or favoritism. We are committed to fair and lawful policies in recruiting, hiring, evaluating, training, and recognition of our associates. Each of us is responsible for fostering a positive work environment and treating each other fairly in all circumstances.

Preventing Unacceptable Conduct or Sexual Harassment
Each employee and patient has the right to be free from improper or offensive conduct, including unwanted sexual advances or abusive language. Verbal, written, or physical conduct that is offensive or threatening to another individual is harassment and will not be tolerated. We do not tolerate violent behavior at our workplaces, damage to someone else’s property, or causing another to fear they could be injured. We will treat our patients and each other with respect, courtesy, and dignity.

Safety, Health, and the Environment
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. Each of us has a responsibility to be on the lookout for unsafe conditions or practices and to report them to your supervisor. We maintain a workplace that is free from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Any misconduct due to substance abuse will be met with prompt dismissal. Bulamu is committed to the protection of our natural environment and the conservation of all of its resources. We fully comply with all environmental laws and regulations, especially in the disposal of any medical waste.

We will protect the confidentiality of the personal information we receive about our employees and patients and use this information only for valid business purposes. We reserve the right to inspect our facilities, business telephone records, e-mails, Internet usage, and business documents for activities that may be illegal, unethical, or inappropriate.

Selecting Suppliers
Building strong relationships with suppliers is part of our ability to deliver affordable medical care. We treat our suppliers fairly, as we expect to be treated. Our purchasing decisions need to be based on sound, objective business criteria, such as performance, quality, delivery, and cost. Whenever possible, we encourage competitive bids. Our policy is to explain to a supplier why their company was not chosen for a specific procurement. All of our supplier agreements are documented and clearly identify the services or products to be provided, and the prices, terms, and conditions of sale. We honor the contractual obligations and commitments we have with our suppliers.


We provide accurate and timely information about our activities and finances to our constituencies and the general public. We always strive to manage our business activities to be both ethical and financially sound. We strive to communicate openly, truthfully, and effectively, without sugar coating or spin. If you become aware that incorrect or misleading information has been communicated, you should take the necessary steps to see that the miscommunication is acknowledged and corrected.

Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks
We take steps to protect our proprietary intellectual property, such as copywrigted material and trademarks, and to safeguard our proprietary business practices that help distinguish us from others. We also respect the intellectual property of others and are prohibited from making unauthorized copies of copyrighted written materials, documents or computer software that belong to others.

Community Citizenship
Bulamu encourages all of it staff and volunteers to do his or her part to improve the well being of the local communities in which we work. We get involved in the life of our communities by being caring citizens, volunteering, and working to support local institutions at they grapple with the problems and challenges of our modern world.

Code of Conduct Understanding and Compliance

Employees are personally responsible for understanding and complying with our Code of Conduct. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employees, contractors and other paid staff. Note: Our Code is not an employment agreement, but rather a statement of how everyone is to behave when they are employed by Bulamu.

Reporting Suspected Violations or Unethical Conduct
If you have any questions about this Code, please discuss them with your supervisor or Bulamu Medical Camp Director. If you observe any suspected or actual violations, you should immediately contact the Medical Camp Director or other member of the management team. All staff members, associates, or volunteers have the obligation to continue voicing their concerns until they are sure that their position has been understood. A volunteer or contractor who witnesses a violation and fails to report it in essence becomes complicit in covering up that violation and may therefore be subject to discipline.

Employees should feel free when necessary to contact our Ombudsman, our Chief Financial Officer and Board Member who is experienced in business and very familiar with our Code. His contact information is:

Mr. John Schniedwind, CFO
Bulamu Healthcare International
1933 Waverley Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Telephone (U.S.): 1-650-799-7296

He can be reached at and will accept “collect calls” from anyone from anywhere in the world.