Bulamu’s “True Value” Analysis

What is the true value of treatments provided at a Bulamu Supercamp? Following Bulamu’s June Supercamp in Bugiri, which treated 13,661 patients at an average cost of $5.02 each, Bulamu’s team performed a detailed empirical analysis of the free market value of each of the services we are providing without charge. Using the lowest prices available in upcountry locations (rather than Kampala, the capital), we researched what it would have cost our patients to get the exact same procedures at a private doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital.

This study shows that instead of $5.02 per patient (our average cost/person), the true value of the services we provide is $26.42, or 5.3 times Bulamu’s cost. This 5.3 multiplier means that every $100 invested in healthcare through Bulamu ends up providing $530 worth of value to the poor people of Uganda. The same treatments in the U.S. might require a multiplier of 50X to 100X.

For any questions relating to Bulamu’s true value analysis or other ways in which we measure our impact, please contact us to learn more. Or get involved and find ways to help!

This table shows the "true value" of each dollar spent at Bulamu Supercamps.