HCE Document Library

Bulamu’s Health Center Excellence (HCE) program is designed to continuously improve African health facilities’ management systems and patient health outcomes at scale, at an affordable cost for existing system budgets in Sub-Saharan Africa. The HCE program currently operates free of charge in 11 partner districts and more than 200 health facilities within the Ministry of Health system of Uganda.

For partners or other healthcare organizations that would like to consider using HCE’s management system, we provide the following systems here for your review.

Patient Treatment Forms:

These forms serve both to improve individual patients’ care and experiences and to provide systemic data that is graphed by Bulamu’s HCE-IT system as weekly and monthly management reports for health system leaders:

Download the Patient Treatment form HERE

Sample Graphic Management Reports:

A key missing link in improving healthcare for the poor is converting systemic data (i.e., facility, not individual patient information) into reports that are both timely and actionable. By graphing data on health facilities and clinician productivity, among other items, Bulamu’s HCE program does this, with multiple KPIs and data that have not previously been used in MOH system healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa:

Download the Management Report HERE

The full HCE program manual or other information about the HCE program are available by request. For this or other HCE program support, please write: healthsystems@bulamuhealthcare.org

For other matters, please email: Contact@bulamuhealthcare.org