How Bulamu’s Health Center Excellence Program Measures Performance

For the first time in Uganda, managers and district officials now have factual weekly information to properly manage public health facilities and take corrective action where needed. They can enforce compliance with standard of care clinical regimens such as taking vital signs, maintaining up-to-date patient files, and improving patient treatment times. What gets measured gets done! With league tables and rankings, KPIs such as staff attendance, clinician productivity, and medicine stockouts are being measured and managed to improve performance.

Bulamu’s HCE Program has changed the state of healthcare in Sheema District. Its impact can be seen in the supplies and equipment, in the management of the health centers, and the progress our healthcare has made in the past year. We are determined to continue this improvement.

David Kabigumira, Sheema District Chairman

Before the HCE Program, patients tended to go to private clinics for care first, because they had so little confidence in the public healthcare system. That trend has now reversed. People are coming to our facilities first!”

Marion Alowo, Sheema District Principal Health Inspector

Doctors and nurses like the HCE program because they have the diagnostic tools and patient information needed to do their jobs. Patients like the new system because they are getting treated more professionally and leave with a copy of their diagnosis and treatment record to share with family members. Managers like it because they can now manage with facts rather than anecdotes. The HCE program changes the status quo in Uganda by providing critical data to clinics, hospitals, and district officials on a weekly and monthly basis. As one Sheema doctor summarized it, “The HCE Program is a game-changer!”

Sample Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Being Tracked at HCE Facilities

Here are some of the statistics we measure:

• Outpatients treated • Patients treated per clinician • Antenatal visits
• Surgeries performed • Mothers counseled per midwife • Perinatal deaths
• Inpatient days • Unfilled drug scripts % • Immunizations
• Total patients per headcount • Drug SKUs out-of-stock • HIV tests (% positive)
• Payroll yield (% days on duty) • Infectious disease cases • Onsite CME classes
• Staff training hours • Public health education classes • Average patient treatment time