Left: Mahooro suffered from an infected abscess on her arm for years without any access to surgery. Right: Mahooro after the surgery Bulamu arranged for her, fully recovered and back to school!

Dear Friends,

When Mahooro was twelve years old, she fell sick with an abscess on her arm. “It was terrible seeing the skin on my arm rot day by day,” she shared. “Wherever I passed, some of my classmates moved away and wouldn’t sit next to me.” Because of these challenges, Mahooro dropped out of primary school and slowly lost her self-esteem as well.

Mahoorho’s mother spent 3.5 million Ugandan shillings (1,000 USD) that she had collected from good Samaritans on her daughter’s treatment, until the funds were gone and there was nothing more her mother could do. At every hospital they visited, doctors said Mahooro’s condition was beyond treatment, even suggesting amputation for her arm. Mahooro never gave up, however. Resolving to create her own happiness, she learned to weave baskets and helped her mother make crafts to sell.

Mahooro’s life changed when she was enrolled in Bulamu’s Angel Program, which refers patients who need specialized care to the best available partner hospitals in Uganda. Mahooro received surgery at Bulamu’s partner hospital CoRSU, and she is now fully recovered. She also earned a scholarship and went back to school because of her weaving expertise. Most importantly, today she is an active, healthy child.

“Bulamu was heaven sent,” said Mahooro’s mother. “I prayed thanks as we sat on a bus to Kampala on the way to the hospital. All our transport and expenses were catered for by Bulamu. I was told not to pay even a shilling.”

Since 2018, Bulamu’s Angel Program has sponsored more than 500 patients for specialized surgical care in Uganda. Altogether since 2016, Bulamu has treated directly or supported 14,000 surgery patients free-of-charge. In addition to directly treating thousands of patients each year, Bulamu’s Health Center Excellence (HCE)Program is improving clinical practices at 262 partner Ministry of Health facilities, with more to come.

As we move into the season of giving, we hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation so that Bulamu can provide more children like Mahooro with the care they need to live joyful lives. Every gift makes a difference in helping us to serve patients who have been waiting to find healthcare – in many cases for years, until we are able to reach them.

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