Bulamu’s Impact Data

Bulamu has partnered with 11 local district governments in Uganda, which manage more than 250 Ministry of Health facilities

Key Impact Data

Bulamu’s impact can be measured and evaluated in multiple ways, including:

  1. Clinical Support Team and Surgery Programs Patients Treated Directly, patient satisfaction and outcomes
  2. HCE Program Partner Health Facilities and Patients Served;
  3. Health Systems Strengthening Results and Patient Outcomes within our partner districts and health facilities; and
  4. Cost-Benefit Analysis for each of our programs.

Here are a few recent highlights from our ongoing data and continuous improvement process measurements. More detail is included in our Annual Reports and will be shared as it comes out of our ongoing Research program:

1.  Clinical Support Teams Patient Care Summary:

  • 56,028 Ugandan patients were treated in 2021, at a cost of about $4 per patient.
  • 3,491 mothers received natural deliveries, while 443 women received C-sections.
  • Most patients receive multiple treatments or services. In 2021, Clinical Support Teams provided 28,329 total Maternal and Child Health services (eg, Antenatal, Postnatal, Delivery Care, and Vaccinations for newborn infants).
  • In 2021, Bulamu sent 10 Clinical Support Teams to serve for 26 total weeks in 20 total MOH health center IIIs and IVs.
  • Since March 2020, Bulamu’s Clinical Support Teams have treated more than 115,000 total patients free of charge!

2. Surgery Programs Summary

  • In 2021, Bulamu’s Surgery Intensive and CST teams directly treated 2,535 surgery patients, with Bulamu ensuring care for 22 more referral patients at specialist hospitals through our Angel Program. Bulamu’s average cost per surgery patient treated directly is about $130 per person.
  • Bulamu’s Essential Surgical Supplies (ESS) program ensures 9 partner Health Center IVs always have the supplies they need to provide C-sections. In 2021, the ESS program ensured an additional 2,636 surgeries took place.
  • This means in 2021, Bulamu provided or supported surgery for 5,193 total patients.
  • More than 90% of 195 patients surveyed said they had waited 1 year or more to find care. In a majority of cases, the bottleneck keeping patients from accessing care was raising $100 to $1000 required to pay for their care.
  • Since March 2020, Bulamu’s surgery teams have directly treated 4,439 patients, and supported care for more than 2,600 additional surgery patients, for a total of 7,132 surgery patients treated or supported since the pandemic era began through December 2021.

3.  Health Center Excellence Program Selected Impact Summary:

With the HCE program’s results to date, we are delighted that HCE is now working with health centers that serve more than 1.6 million patients per year:

4. Cost-Benefit Analysis

As one example of our cost-effectiveness, the table above compares Bulamu’s 2020 results to Mercy Ships (sources: Bulamu 2020 Audit and Mercy Ships 2020 Audit).

For more information on the cost per patient and cost-benefit analysis on Bulamu’s work, please see our Annual Reports or Contact Us.

“There are millions of people shut out of the existing health system in our country.”

– Ugandan Health Policy Leader (Retired)

What if this didn’t have to be the case?

Bulamu works to prove the status quo does not have to be the
future of healthcare for the poor.