Meet Bulamu’s new president

Bulamu CEO Dick Chandler announced the appointment of Richard Siegler as President of Bulamu Healthcare effective August 15, 2019. Siegler will share the operational management and fundraising duties that Chandler had previously handled alone. Richard’s background and skills are well suited for the challenges of helping lead Bulamu to the next level. His 11 years of experience living in Africa began in 2004-06 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin, West Africa, where he taught English and co-founded a health center in a rural area of 25,000 people that previously had not had access to any medical facility. After earning his MA in the U.S., he returned to Africa in 2010-11 as a Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Lecturer at National University of Rwanda. He spent six years with Bridge2Rwanda, where he became Dean of their Scholars Program and mentored a generation of future African leaders, helping them earn scholarships to prestigious U.S. universities and bring these skills back to their home countries in East Africa. Richard comes from a medically oriented family as the son of Dr. Mark Siegler, a distinguished professor of internal medicine at the Pritzker Medical School, University of Chicago.

Commenting recently on Siegler’s appointment, Dick Chandler said, “Richard has demonstrated a love for Africa throughout his career and has earned promotions and commendations with each organization. He has hit the ground running with Bulamu and is already making significant contributions in both fundraising and operational improvements.” Chandler remains Bulamu’s Board Chair and CEO.