Bulamu Healthcare’s Mission & 8 Basic Values

First and foremost, we believe that healthcare is a basic human right. Bulamu, in the Luganda language, means “the health and well-being of the entire person.” And that is what we focus on treating at every one of our weeklong medical camps in Uganda.

Our mission statement

We strive to improve the well-being of rural Ugandans by providing affordable access to primary healthcare and related services.

Many of our patients in Uganda are children.

We provide healthcare services for the whole family.

Bulamu’s 8 basic values

1. Healthcare is a human right

Operate with the underlying belief that access to professional healthcare is a basic human right.

2. Find and create local healthcare solutions in Uganda

Partner with local government to build in-country organizational strength in Uganda that can ultimately operate independently of foreign help.

3. Deliver operational excellence

Find the lowest-cost healthcare model for providing needed services and deliver them with continuously improving operational excellence.

4. Create a culture of caring

Create an organizational culture that puts the patient first, is consistently caring, turns no one in need away, and attracts dedicated employees and volunteers committed to our mission.

5. Be information-driven

Use information technology to collect needed patient data, track outcomes, facilitate follow-up care and prove the efficacy of our activities.

6. Evolve toward sustainability

Leverage our weeklong medical camp model in moving toward economic self-sufficiency while working effectively with local institutions.

7. Provide spiritual healthcare

Provide faith-based counseling as a component in the process of acceptance, treatment, and recovery from disease.

8. Do the right thing

Operate according to our Code of Conduct that stresses always doing the right thing, without compromise.