We shifted to the Kumi District in eastern Uganda for our April camp, a poorer region that is relatively underserved in terms of healthcare facilities. Amazingly, we treated nearly 12,000 patients in one week—a Bulamu record! Our staff of 320 health professionals, some supplied by the District and our other partner organizations, worked tirelessly throughout the week to make sure no patient was left untreated.

We welcomed 11 beautiful babies into the world, immunized 293 children, and screened hundreds more for cervical cancer and HIV/AIDS. Surgeons performed 82 operations and made plans for 350 more, in addition to our usual screenings and services.

During the week, co-founder Gerald Atwine and his team met with the local government officials to introduce the Bulamu patient follow-up program, which will help us verify positive results and make sure our patients get the follow-up care they need. After the camp, Gerald was interviewed on Ugandan national television. That type of media exposure boosts Bulamu’s name recognition and ensures high patients turnouts for our future camps.

While we’re excited about the record number of patients, it highlights the huge unmet need for quality healthcare in rural Uganda that has increased our funding requirements. Bringing our camps to these rural areas gives donors the opportunity to have every $100 allow 20 patients to see a doctor, in many cases dramatically improving their lives.

We’ll have more information and official numbers from our camp available online soon.

In the meantime, our work continues. Thank you as always for your time and support!