January 28, 2022: Bulamu is pleased to announce that our Rotary Global Grant proposal for $91,500 has been formally approved by Rotary International! This project, entitled “Vital Signs Equipment for Uganda,” began with Bulamu presentations to five local Rotary clubs in the US and Uganda, who pledged funds that will now be matched after approvals by Rotary district officials in both countries and by Rotary headquarters in Evanston, Illinois.

Rotary clubs in Rancho Santa Fe, California and Kampala Naguru in Uganda took the lead in the project, with additional participation by US clubs in San Diego, Encinitas, and Bonsall, California. When the funds are received by local host club Kampala Naguru in February, who will administer the grant, Bulamu will begin rolling out the program across five local government districts, with completion expected by the end of June 2022.

The grant will fund vital signs equipment (stethoscopes, thermometers, BP monitors, glucometers, etc.) and related training to 125 or more Ministry of Health facilities that provide free healthcare annually to approximately 1 million impoverished Ugandans. Bulamu provides this equipment while installing its Health Center Excellence (HCE) Program, a modern hospital/clinic management system that uses information technology to give local management weekly/monthly data and improve the level of patient care.

We thank the members of our partner Rotary Clubs and the district officials in both countries for their vision in supporting health systems strengthening on such a significant scale with this project. For more information on this Rotary Global Grant (GC 2127364), please see the 1-page summary for the project HERE.

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