Testimonials from Supercamp Volunteers & Guests

Chairman David Kabigumira, the senior elected official in the Sheema District, with a population of 250,000, has now hosted two camps for Bulamu at a clinic in his district, the most recent at Shuuku Health Center IV in February 2018.

“My experience with Bulamu has been enriching and impressive. It has addressed the real need in my district. Handling 1,300 people per day, every day, is not something simple. Bulamu has done it extremely well. I am very grateful on behalf of the government of Uganda for the services that Bulamu is bringing. Bulamu has restored hope for the hopeless. Bulamu has taught us something new: that we need to be passionate. The Ministry of Health is very excited. Everybody is very excited. Thank you, Bulamu! “

Jordan Cowan, US Peace Corps Volunteer, Sheema Camp, February 2018

“Given the large number of people who attended, I thought the camp went very well. I was impressed. It is no small feat to pull off, so congratulations and hats off to Bulamu for pulling together such a successful event! It was also really fun and I’m glad I could participate! The work the camp accomplished was amazing and working to support free service delivery of this quality and scale to these communities is impressive. I met so many health professionals passionate about volunteering or helping Uganda’s communities. I got along easily with such awesome people and have since spent time with them outside of a work environment while looking forward to partnering with them and others where possible.”

Rose-Marie Spencer, a nurse from Great Britain, volunteered at the Bulamu camp in Arua, November 2017

“I am surprised and amazed at the organization and structure of this camp given the limited time period we are given. In such a small time it’s been able to run its operations on a rather large scale, and I hope that in the future more of these services and medication will be free and available to more Ugandans like they are in Britain.”

US Ambassador Deborah R. Malac, upon visiting the first Bulamu medical camp in April 2016

“I have had a lot of experience in Africa, most recently in Liberia. I understand the challenges of providing health care for rural communities, so it is wonderful to see all of the people who are working here at the clinic providing primary care to Ugandans in the local area. I’d like to recognize the volunteer health care professionals from the United States Peace Corps and Bulamu Healthcare, who organized and funded the clinic, and the staff of the Buwambo Health Center, who helped make this clinic a success.”

Betrice Hakayiza, Nursing Officer, Buwambo Health Center IV, Wakiso

“On behalf of Buwambo Health Center IV I wish to express our gratitude to Bulamu Healthcare, and especially its individual donors, for providing us with free healthcare through the just concluded camp. We were able to work on over 1,600 needy patients, that was remarkable. During the camp, social mobilization (the organization of medical personnel and equipment) was well done, even after extending the camp. More patients kept coming for the services, especially screening of the cancer of the cervix, dental conditions, surgical operations and free glasses. We would like to thank you for the medical initiative and continued support.”

Dr. Shambe Mutungi, a Ugandan-born OB-GYN doctor from Toronto, Canada

“I attended Bulamu Camp 2 in August 2016, expecting the camp would help many people during our 6-day stay, but the actual numbers were overwhelming, from both the standpoint of demand and Bulamu’s ability to effectively deliver medical services each day. Women die every day from issues we solved in Canada decades ago. I find this unacceptable. One of my career goals entails being active in learning and working hard to stop this gap from widening. I thought Bulamu was very well organized and prepared to serve the number of people the camp attracted. I was impressed by the pre-planning that must have taken place in order to inventory all of the supplies and organize a diverse group of staff and volunteers into effective work teams.”

Dr. Victoria Mui, US Peace Corps Volunteer, OB-GYN doctor

“I am so glad that my efforts have led to the successful implementation of cervical cancer screening by Bulamu as a regular preventative offering. Working with Bulamu’s co-founder, Gerald Atwine, was a treat. His tireless energy and sense of humor served us well in the semi-chaos of a medical camp treating 450 patients a day on a budget of less than $10 per patient. Bulamu’s ability to improve the quality of medical care in this environment will no doubt improve with experience. Yet I give them high marks already for the sensitive and generous nature of the care they provide their patients. I am grateful to continue to work with Bulamu to continue a lasting impact on women’s health in Uganda.” 

Christa Valles, US Peace Corps Volunteer, on teaching RUMPs course at Camp 3 in Sheema

“Thanks for pulling together a great (and clearly much needed) medical camp at Sheema. As a first year Peace Corps Volunteer, this was my first time participating in one of your camps. I signed on to assist Tyler in teaching the RUMPs. We both felt that we had made a real contribution to our students understanding of their menstrual cycles but most important, brought the young women an answer to not being able to afford store-bought menstrual pads, allowing them to continue to attend school during their periods.”

Christine Apolot, Chairperson LC-V, Kumi District

“I appreciate so much the contribution Bulamu made to Kumi District. Thousands of people were treated in the district for free. We have so many people in Kumi who cannot afford the healthcare they need. Bulamu did a very great job in that one week to actually save the lives of people who were going to die because they could not meet their medical bills. Bulamu has made history in the Kumi District. We have never seen that kind of partner and received that kind of wonderful blessing that rescued so many people. We are very, very grateful for what Bulamu has done.”