The Bulamu Healthcare Ecosystem of Partner Organizations

Many of the Supercamp services are only possible because of the relationships we have developed with public and private partner organizations. They come to our camps voluntarily for a simple reason: When we attract two thousand patients a day, it provides a very efficient platform for them to accomplish their own missions. They can offer their services free-of-charge to us and our patients, one of the reasons we offer such a wide range of services for so low a cost.

Our most important partner relationship is with the local District Government, which supervises the MOH facilities located in its territory. We have now held camps and earned the trust of twelve of Uganda’s 129 districts. After seeing the benefits of a Supercamp for their constituents, the district officials are anxious to host additional camps, assist us with the Follow-up Program, and install the Bulamu HCE Program. There is a natural synergy between our two strategic directions: providing high-quality healthcare to impoverished Ugandans while improving the performance of their local government facilities already in place.

Thank You to Our Program Partners!

Bulamu works as the “Great Organizer,” bringing together many program partners with complementary skills that allow us to provide such a broad range of medical treatments so economically. Some examples of our valued partnerships:

  • Uganda Ministry of Health oversees 3,200 government hospitals and health centers and has overall responsibility for Uganda’s public health policy. In a recent letter of endorsement, Dr. Henry Mwebesa, Director General of the Ministry of Health, said, “In the context of Uganda’s healthcare system, Bulamu is a highly effective catalyst for mobilizing local resources and is an organization that the Ministry of Health is proud to have as a partner.”
  • The Uganda Cancer Institute screened 2,250 women for cervical cancer at this year’s Supercamps, an average of 458 women per camp.
  • Uganda Infectious Disease Institute provided 50 free circumcisions to men at the November 2019 camp, part of Uganda’s highly successful strategy to reduce HIV/AIDS rates—currently down to about 5.5% nationwide.
  • Local District Governments host each camp, sharing a Health Center IV campus with our team for 8-9 days and helping with publicity, staffing, ambulances, security, and other support—all in a free exchange of services with Bulamu.
  • Bulamu Angel Program approved referral hospitals include: CoRSU Hospital, CURE Hospital, Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda Cancer Institute, Reproductive Health Uganda, Kirudu National Referral Hospital, MoH regional referral hospitals and District general referral hospitals.

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Some of the partner organizations that have participated in multiple camps

Expectant mothers receive free “Maama Kits” thanks to the Inner Wheel Club of Kampala, a partner organization.

Free dental treatments are provided, thanks to our partner Medical and Dental Missioners.