Welcome to Bulamu Healthcare’s video library

Watch a slideshow of our November 2019 Supercamp

Our Supercamp outside of Masindi, Uganda, treated more than 12,000 patients in one week. See the types of services we provide, free of charge, to the people of rural Uganda:

Meet Dick Chandler, Bulamu’s CEO

Dick traveled to Uganda to attend our weeklong medical camp in the Sheema District and to meet with Ugandan Ministry of Health officials in Kampala.

In this video, he talks about Bulamu’s strengthening government ties, the expansion of the Bulamu Angel Program, and the launch of the Follow-Up Program that aims to ensure positive long-term outcomes from our healthcare camps.

Partnering with local government: an interview with Sheema District Chairman David Kabigumira

This video from 2018 features Mr. Kabigumira, a Ugandan government official who has partnered with Bulamu since we started providing healthcare. He talks about what Bulamu is doing for the people of Uganda, and encourages us to keep going. “Me as a leader, I’m very grateful on behalf of the government of Uganda for the services Bulamu is bringing.”

Meet Bulamu’s Co-Founder, Gerald Atwine

In this interview, you will learn how Gerald left Uganda in 2008 to earn a BS in nursing from the University of Michigan and later, when working as an RN in California, met Jim Balassone, a patient recovering from surgery, with whom he subsequently co-founded Bulamu. It’s a remarkable story.