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Bulamu Programs improve the lives of thousands of Ugandans in many ways. The human return on investment for our donor contributions is incalculable. Read more about Bulamu’s impact on patients…


Together We Make All The Difference

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Left: Mahooro suffered from an infected abscess on her arm for years without any access to surgery. Right: Mahooro after the surgery Bulamu arranged for her, fully recovered and back to school! [...]

Bulamu’s 2022 Q1 Report

Bulamu added our 10th and 11th partner government districts in January, Amuru and Gulu, both located in the far north of Uganda. Four Clinical Support Teams (CSTs), assigned to the 8 largest health centers in these districts, treated...

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Bulamu’s mission is: To treat the sick and strengthen health
systems serving Africans most in need.

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